My Favorite Organizational Apps

by Sean F. - September 23, 2017

Organizing my cleaning schedule is one of the most difficult things that I have to do with a busy schedule. How am I supposed to remember every little detail that goes into maintaining a house on a weekly basis? We have jobs, our kids schedules, and whatever else we decide to pile on that week. Its too much! Luckily, I have found a few apps that can be a godsend when you are trying to keep a regular cleaning schedule. Here are a few of my favorites!

Helpful Organizational Apps!
 Home Routine is a nifty little app that has saved me time and time again from forgetting all of the weeks little chores. I cannot imagine how my house would look without it. You are able to schedule all of your chores weeks in advance, so that when the time finally comes to dust the guest bedroom there is no forgetting! Follow me to Home Routines!

 Motivated Moms is another app that can keep your daily chores easier to maintain. It has a much simpler feel to it and does not have all of the glitz and glamour that some of these other apps maintain, but that does not take away from the usefulness that I have come to expect from it. Follow me to Motivated Moms!

Tody is my favorite of these four. It gets me motivated and makes sure that I have a fair timeline in which to complete all of the chores between our family. It is so nice to have all of our tasks evenly distributed so there is no bickering about who has to clean what. It may sound silly, but even checking a small chore off can make me feel a little better about the day. Follow me to Tody!

And my final app of the day is Simply Us! This little guy is perfect for couples who don’t see each other as often. It can share chores between you two so that you know who has done what today. It is also great for sharing pictures or simply messaging each other throughout your day. Both me and my s/o work different shifts unfortunately, so this app has been so helpful keeping our lives intertwined and still apart of our day to day routines! Follow me to Simply Us!