House and Apartment Cleaning in Las Cruces


We love to deliver happiness through our housecleaning services. We charge a simple flat rate with add-ons if necessary to make your time booking with us quick and easy. Our transparent booking process eliminates all of those “what-ifs” that you may get with another company. There will never be any surprises with your booking! Here is how we do it:


We Offer Basic Cleaning Services:


These services are for upkeep and anyone who does not want the cost or detail of a standard cleaning.

Basic Cleaning Services



Our Standard Cleaning Services:

A thorough cleaning good for a house that is cleaned regularly and when a deep clean is unnecessary.

Bath and Tub Spaces
Kitchen Spaces
Bedroom and Living Spaces



There are few things we do not offer as part of our regular services:

– Wet wiping light bulbs- time and risk of breakage is too high.

– Putting away dishes, because we don’t want to stack things in a way that you would not (and to reduce risk of breakage).

– Moving furniture (please note that if you do request for the team to assist you with moving any furniture, we will not be responsible for any damages caused from the move).

– Hauling trash (we can take your trash to your trash can/dumpster but we cannot take it with us).

– Cleaning anything that requires a high ladder (just for the team’s personal safety).


What sets us apart:

-We leave behind your very own cleaning checklist so you can run through what we have done for you!

-We love leaving little gifts behind to surprise you. 🙂

-We have samples of our homemade essential oil fragrances that we spray throughout your home while we clean! We even change the fragrance every month to keep it fresh. Let us know if you like it!

Let us do what we do best while you relax and focus on the things in life that are more important than sweeping!


*Disclaimer* Our flat prices fall in line with what we call “reasonable cleanings”. If a booking is unreasonably dirty or we feel like we have been given false information about the state of your home, we will call you and tell you that you may need to upgrade your booking to a “Deep Clean”. If you have already booked a deep cleaning but we have deemed your house in need of extra care to get it to our standards, then we will talk to you about adding extra hours on top of our flat rate to make sure it is done properly. If you decide to refuse the price increase we will do the best we can in what we deem a reasonable amount of time, but we cannot promise that it will be completely satisfactory. We are a housecleaning and maid service, but there are instances in which homes will be deemed too much for our type of service and we will gladly refer you to someone who we believe is more suited for those cleanings. We do this to instill trust that we will not take on a job that we cannot handle and so that you will not be disappointed if your house is considered a service that we do not offer.


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